What do a Neurologist, the head Dietitian at a major teaching hospital,A world class body builder, and a man 200 lbs overweight have in common?

They all were sick and tired of  hearing commercially designed promises to help them meet their Optimal Health.

What did they do about it?
They all made a 90 day commitment to Health Flex's custom Optimal Health Plan.

Why were these people not smart enough to figure it out on their on?

Well they probably are, it has only taken us at Health Flex thousands of hours of research, and a unique knowledge of anatomy, physiology, neurology,nutrition,well being, coaching, sports training, therapy and natraceuticals* to develop a strategy that helps individuals become the healthiest they can become without the use of drugs.

How do you help people, especially if they have illness or take medications?
That is a great question, at the core of our wellness philosophy is that the immaculate design of the human body and  mind and it's phenomenal ability to heal itself.The body wants balance and uses a process of homeostasis to maintain balance. If we use the right fuels(foods and nutrients) to provide sustenance and we play and have a positive mental approach to life, exercise to stay fit we can obtain an Optimal Health.

That sounds overly simple, what about people who have autoimmune diseases,or diabetes and hypertension?
Did you know that before 1954 there were only four cases of autoimmune diseases reported? This coincides with the explosion of Convenience foods and the first chemical additives used in foods. In his book about the major processed foods companies called Sugar, Salt, Fat , Michael Moss details the industries knowledge that these substances actually become addictive and in the process of making them convenient they are stripped away of their nutrients by bleaching and chemical washing.When you see fortified on a label that means they have added back a synthetic version of the vitamins and nutrients that were removed.

What is wrong with making food quicker to cook, easier to go from the freezer to the microwave?
In theory nothing, however the danger is three fold.1.The processing has made them empty calories that convert too quickly into glucose , quickly going through the digestive system and being recognized as blood sugar almost immediately.When ever sugar is present in the blood, insulin is produced to help convert it to ATP for energy. The cells in the body can and will only use the amount of glucose needed as the demand for energy arises. The extra glucose is stored as adipose tissue or fat.The fat is designed to be synthesized and used for energy when the body calls for it after the energy from the meal is gone. At one time there were no sedentary jobs and the demand for energy was much greater.The next meal of simple carbohydrates and processed foods comes and the blood is bathed  in insulin again. . Adipose tissue will not be burned if there is insulin in the blood and that is why you see being over weight as an associated symptom of diabetes type II.The hormone leptin signals the  synthesis of fat and also is responsible for telling the brain when you are full. Most people who are more than 15-20 lbs are Leptin resistant.
Secondly,aside from the high blood sugar and fat , the nutrients that have been added back are synthetic versions of the natural vitamins. The cells in our body have receptors that work like a lock and key for the vitamins and needed nutrients,The synthetic versions fit but not perfectible and are either cast aside or depending on their function causing regulating and signaling degradation.In many cases they have been found to be carcinogenic.An example is the vitamin B-12. The form used almost exclusively in foods, and even so called healthy vitamins is cyanocobalamin .This form has been banned in the UK and European Markets because it has been found to do more harm than good. The cyano part is two molecules of the toxin cyanide, The process of methylation used to clean toxins from our body is already over worked due to the 80,000 man made toxins, increased mental stress and ever evolving viruses, this form of B-12 actually robs from this [process and puts additional stress on the liver to reduce the cyanide to waste.B-12 in the bioavailable form of methylcobalamin is the only form that can be used by the body, yet companies who pro-port to be health and vitamin companies throw it in because it is cheap and is more for marketing than well being.
Third, eating whole raw foods activates many designed health benefits essential to well being that can not be obtained in other ways.Research has proven that eating certain  vegetables can kill cancer cells.These substance are called ITCs,( isothiocyanates) and are activated when chewing , or blending these uncooked foods.The research is clear and can be reviewed here. Another example is dietary nitrates being converted to Nitric Oxide a vital signaling molecule that is activated via the salivary pathway as the probiotic bacteria on the tongue convert the nitrates to nitrite.

Ok, so eating clean whole foods is important but isn't that common sense?
It would seem so, but finding strategies to incorporate the healthiest super foods in the world into your daily regime is often a task.Also many people have specific health goals and conditions that need to taken into account.At Health Flex we have searched the world over to find raw organic super foods and sea vegetables to help you boost your own immune system and we have had success with the reversal of health conditions. Since we are trained in physical therapy, certified in nutrition and coaching we are able to use our expertise into formulating raw organic smoothies mixes and powders to to take advantage in the way your body wants to function. We have also developed a line of organic transdermal vitamin patches to be used to supplement areas such as Omega 3s and B-12 deficiency.We monitor blood work and give our Optimal Health plan members science based strategies, encouragement and accountability tools to activate your desire to gain lean muscle mass, or loose weight, or even become so healthy that you don't need pharmaceutical help. Health Flex is also aware of your desire to have snacks for quick available energy, so we are proud to announce the opening of Dr. health Flex's Snack Shop! Our shop , as you would expect features  an assortment of super healthy, great tasting,GMO-free  and Gluten free  snacks to help you avoid unhealthy cravings.

What can we Find in the Snack shop that is healthy?
The Dr.has done it again! These raw organic,non-GMO Energy Squares are stocked full of super healthy , super tasting, super food!Yum!What will you find inside these tasty morsels? Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares are loaded with, you got it, organic cacao and goji berries, and much more.
Organic Raw Dates, Organic Raw Sunflower Seeds, Organic Raisins, Organic Raw Apricots(may contain rice flour), Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Organic Raw Sesame Seeds Unhulled, Organic Sunflower Meal, Organic Raw Shredded Coconut, Organic Raw Goji Powder, Natural Flavors(gluten free,msg free).
There are organic chocolate versions, pistachio honey versions and .my favorite Lemon drop energy squares.

It does seem that you have gone to a lot of work and research to develop a premium Optimal Health Plan is that why all these people have joined?
I believe that results are why , and that when people are sick and tired of being sick and tired , they want to get healthy  and have fun then we can help. That is our goal and mission People try a lot of things but we all need a little help sometimes.

What should a person do if they really want to  achieve their own personal Optimal Health?
First they should really be ready to be healthy, enjoy life and expect major improvement in health conditions, stamina,and energy . They should expect unparralled support at an incredible value and if that is where they are,they can contact me via email reply or on the website's contact me forms. Website for Dr.health Flex or Health Flex a Wellness company contact me form.

Remember that your well being is our business.
Dr.Health Flex